Farmer’s Plumbing Solves Demanding Plumbing Requirements at Daycare Facility with Commercial Above-Floor Lift Pump Station

Case Study | May 2024
When Nathan Farmer of Farmer’s Plumbing was hired as the second plumber for a daycare plumbing project, he chose a heavy-duty duplex Vortex system to handle daily demanding usage and evacuate wastewater from two full bathrooms and a kitchen sink.


MARLOW, OKLAHOMA — In a company of only four employees, Nathan Farmer of Farmer’s Plumbing has gained abundant experience and expertise working on various commercial and residential plumbing projects in his Oklahoma trading area.

New York Homeowner Replaces Faulty Macerating Toilet, Discovers Importance of Choosing Quality Plumbing Products

Case Study | February 2024
After purchasing a newly flipped home in Upstate New York, Michael Ranieri never expected to have to replace a new but suddenly malfunctioning macerating toilet in a basement bathroom. With the expert help of another manufacturer, he chose a reliable, heavy-duty grinder to handle drainage from the bath and a nearby washing machine.


BRANTINGHAM, NEW YORK — When shopping for plumbing products, opting for cheaper and lower-quality options can come with significant risks. While saving money in the short term may be tempting, these lower-priced products often lack durability, reliability, and overall performance. From potential leaks and malfunctions to increased maintenance and repair costs, compromising on the quality of plumbing products purchased can lead to many problems in the long run.

Saniflo North America Launches Pre-Assembled Sewage Grinder Pump Complete with Basin for New Installations

Designed for new residential and commercial applications, the innovative Sanipit 24 GR CB offers a hassle-free, efficient, pre-assembled packaged system.

EDISON, NJ (APRIL 03, 2024) — SFA Saniflo, a division of the Paris-based Group SFA, the world leader in above-the-floor macerating, grinder, drain pumps, and lift stations, has announced the launch of its Sanipit 24 GR CB pre-assembled, one horse-power, grinder pump system.

Cool Air Mechanical Uses Multiple, Above-Floor Macerating and Drain Pumps for Atlanta High-Rise Penthouse Plumbing

Case Study | March 2024
Penthouse owners discover Saniflo’s Sanipack, Sanishower, and Sanicom 1 to create their dream bath and laundry rooms, without needing to break through the concrete slab on each floor of the 18-story, multifamily building.


MARIETTA, GEORGIA — Four Marietta hairdressers who have lived together for the past 40 years recently purchased a 3,500-square-foot penthouse on the 17th and 18th floors of Horizon Condominium. Downsizing from their former 10,000-square-foot house, the owners wanted to remodel the penthouse to better fit their needs before moving in.

Community-focused Coffee Shop Overcomes Kitchen Plumbing Challenge with Commercial Gray Water Drain Pump

Case Study | January 2024
Saniflo drain pump paves the way for Common Grounds coffee house to comply with local health department regulations for cleanliness and sanitation while serving its community with a fully functional commercial kitchen.


MERCER, PACommon Grounds Mercer is a volunteer-based coffeehouse and cafe startup that expects to open its doors in early 2024. This faith-based establishment has a passionately devoted mission of “Building Relationships, Inspiring Lives, Serving Community… One cup at a time.”

Maine-ly Remodels enhances the aesthetics and efficiency of client remodeling projects with Saniflo macerating systems

Case Study | August 2023
Recently, owner Paul Murray used a Saniaccess 3 to successfully finish a complete basement bath remodel that had to accommodate the needs of three residents.


YARMOUTH, ME — Paul Murray, the owner of Maine-ly Remodels, is a veteran professional in the remodeling industry with over ten years of experience. With his domain knowledge, he is well-versed in transforming any space into a beautifully revamped area that meets his client’s needs.

Homeowner Replaces Unreliable Macerating Pump to Eliminate Flooding and Noise Problems in his Basement Bathroom

Case Study | December 2023
Homeowner and plumbing sales professional Scott Wright replaced a faulty above-floor macerating pump toilet from a competing brand with a heavy-duty Saniflo Sanibest Pro to fix his flooded basement without the hassles and expense of ripping up concrete.


WADENA, MINNESOTA — Scott Wright of Goodin Company, a wholesaler-distributor of plumbing, HVAC, and pump and well products, recently needed a solution for his basement bathroom after a macerating pump toilet from a competitor based out of upstate New York flooded not only the bath but also a bedroom.

Indiana Plumbing Contractor Solves Conventional Sewage Ejector Challenges with New and Unique Retrofit Pump Kit

Case Study | Testimonial | December 2023
Dominick Rudd of Bush Plumbing discovers the remarkable benefits of Saniflo’s new Sanipit 24GR that seamlessly fits into existing 24-inch basins from all leading pump producers, thus changing the way he installs and maintains sewage ejectors.


FISHERS, INDIANA — In the world of plumbing, finding innovative solutions to common challenges is essential for both homeowners and contractors alike. One such challenge is the installation and maintenance of sewage ejectors. These systems are crucial for managing waste in homes and commercial buildings, but often suffer performance, installation, and repair issues.

Heavy-Duty Above-Floor Drain Pump Saves Central Florida Homeowner Time and Money During Laundry Room Renovation

Case Study | October 2023
Homeowner and industry manufacturer representative Tom McGuire chooses a Saniflo drain pump to avoid costly repairs to an older cast-iron drain-waste-vent system while preserving his home’s hardwood floors by not creating new below-floor drainage.


ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Tom McGuire of McGuire Group LLC, a statewide plumbing manufacturer representative in central Florida, recently needed an innovative plumbing solution for his 50-year-old home. Undergoing a laundry room renovation, McGuire’s extensive experience selling above-floor plumbing solutions led him to select a heavy-duty gray water drain pump for his project.

Saniflo Sanipit 24GR Media Kit

Media Kit

Sanipit 24GR Retrofit Pump Kit