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Frequently asked questions… about maceration

Because macerating technology is still new to most American homeowners, questions about its installation, operation and cost are not uncommon. Here are a few of the most frequent queries:

How much water does the system use?
All models in the Saniflo line are low consumption water closets. Both the Sanipro and the Saniplus use 1.6 gallons per flush. The Sanicompact, which is designed for more confined spaces, such as under a small stairway, flushes with less than one gallon of water.

Can I install a shower or a bathtub?
When installing a tub, you must create a two-inch by six-inch platform to allow for the installation of a P-trap and pipe with some gravity flow toward the macerating unit on the floor below.

Does the system need regular maintenance?
No. The macerator motor has no gears or brushes to wear out. The motor is filled with oil and sealed for life. The bathroom will be changed out before the macerator needs replacement.

Is a macerating system more expensive than conventional plumbing?
Yes, if you are only comparing only the expense of the fixtures; likewise, with a sewage ejector package. However, the greatly reduced labor costs and the superior installation flexibility of a macerating system make it an economical alternative when a conventional gravity-flow system cannot be installed cost-effectively.

Can I hide the unit, drain pipes, and vents in a wall?
Yes, Saniflo does manufacture a 15-inch extension kit for installing the macerator/pump behind the wall or in some other less visible place. It is critical for the installer to create accessibility to the macerator/pump for servicing.


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