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New Compact SANICUBIC® CLASSIC Handles Wastewater Removal for an Entire Structure

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Sanicubic Classic — For more than 50 years, SFA Saniflo has manufactured macerating and gray water pumping systems for handling wastewater from multiple plumbing fixtures and appliances within individual bath, kitchen, wet bar and laundry room applications. In 2009, SFA Saniflo is introducing an even more powerful grinder system that is capable of handling multiple fixtures throughout an entire house or a small commercial structure — the SANICUBIC® CLASSIC Lifting Station.

Capable of handling 25 gallons of effluent per minute at 36 feet, the new system consists of two, 1-horsepower motors housed inside a compact but highly durable plastic enclosure, measuring 23-3/4 inches wide x 19-1/4 inches deep x 16-1/2 inches high. Each independently operating grinder has its own high-performance grinding system: a fast-rotating cutting blade to reduce solids in the wastewater stream from toilets, tubs and showers, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.

Here is how the lifting station works:

  • Effluent enters the SANICUBIC CLASSIC through one of five different inlets — one on either side of the unit at the bottom and three along the top. Each adjustable inlet can range in diameter from approximately 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches.

  • As soon as the wastewater level reaches the trigger point in the long pickup or dip tube located inside the SANICUBIC CLASSIC, the pumping system activates.

  • Effluent is pumped from the SANICUBIC CLASSIC through 1-1/2-inch PVC or CPVC piping connected to the top of the lifting station. Maximum pumping distances are 36 feet vertically and 328 feet horizontally – or a combination of both.

  • As required by many local plumbing codes, the SANICUBIC CLASSIC also has a 1-1/2-inch stack vent at the top of the unit for venting to the outdoors.

Double-pump security: The two grinders inside the SANICUBIC CLASSIC are engineered to operate alternately, taking turns handling the incoming wastewater so that neither is more heavily used over time than the other. There are two exceptions to this procedure:

  • Pumping malfunction: If either pump ceases to operate, the other will run full-time until servicing can eliminate the problem.

  • Wastewater overload: If the level of the wastewater reaches the upper point of a second shorter dip tub inside the SANICUBIC CLASSIC, signaling an “overload” situation, both pumps will operate simultaneously until the condition is alleviated. In this event, a visual alarm LED on the unit will switch to red.

Potential applications: “While ideal for basement installation, the SANICUBIC CLASSIC can be installed anywhere in a home or a commercial space in a comparatively short time by a knowledgeable plumbing professional,” says Saniflo CEO Regis Saragosti.

Examples of potential SANICUBIC CLASSIC applications include:

  • Any building without plumbing currently, such as a guest house, a boat house or a commercial building being converted into residential space: All of the fixtures in such a structure — the kitchen sink and dishwasher, the bathroom sink, shower and toilet — could be connected to the SANICUBIC CLASSIC.

  • Connecting a residential plumbing system to a municipal sewage system: Whether the application is retrofit or new construction, the SANICUBIC CLASSIC would be a less expensive alternative than a conventional hookup.

  • Any commercial application with multiple plumbing fixtures: The SANICUBIC CLASSIC can accommodate virtually any public-restroom application, including school gymnasiums; auditoriums; airport, train and bus terminals; sports stadiums and arenas; and golf and athletic clubs.

The pump inside the SANICUBIC CLASSIC is CSA-certified and conforms to ASME A112.3.4 standards (Macerating Toilets and Related Components).



  • Dimensions (inches): 23-3/4 W x 19-1/4 D x 16-1/2 H
  • Net weight with accessories: 66 lb.
  • Motor type: Induction
  • Power rating (horsepower): 1 hp for each pump
  • Maximum amperage: 13
  • Power supply: 220/240 volts – 60 hertz
  • Inlet diameters (inches): 1-1/2 or 4
  • Discharge pipe diameter (inches): 1-1/2
  • Discharge flow rate: 25 gallons per minute @ 36 feet (single motor activated)
  • Maximum temperature: 158°F/70°C.

SFA SANIFLO INC. is the only manufacturer of its kind in North America, offering a complete line of macerating toilet systems and gray water pumping systems for residential and commercial applications. Saniflo markets through independent sales agents throughout North America, and the product line is currently available at distributor and dealer locations throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information about SANIFLO, call toll-free at 1-800-571-8191; visit the Saniflo website at; or visit the Saniflo Media Room at

For editorial assistance, including photography, contact John O’Reilly c/o GreenHouse Digital + PR: 815-469-9100 or



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The SANICUBIC 2 lifting station can handle 25 gallons of wastewater per minute - powerful enough to accommodate an entire residential or small commercial structure.

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Closeup view of the SANICUBIC 2 unit.

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Closeup view of the SANICUBIC 2 unit.

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