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For the Media: SANIACCESS Upflush Macerating Unit

Saniflo Unveils SANIACCESS Upflush Macerating Unit, With Double-Panel Access for Easier Maintenance

Two panels on either side of the macerator allow every major component inside to be readily serviced without disconnecting the unit from the toilet or the rest of the plumbing system.

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SANIACCESS — The new SANIACCESS 3 upflush macerating plumbing system from SFA Saniflo U.S.A. comes equipped with not just one, but two easy-to-open panels atop the unit, providing ready access to the internal components for servicing. Periodic maintenance can be accomplished quickly and easily without having to disconnect the unit from either the toilet or the rest of the plumbing system.

“This critical, dual-access feature is what makes the new-generation SANIACCESS 3 macerator a truly unique and superior solution for contractors,” says Regis Saragosti, CEO of SFA Saniflo, which invented upflush macerating plumbing technology in Europe in the late 1950s, bringing it to the U.S.A. in the 1990s.


Saniflo Video - Saniaccess
This video describes how easy it is to service a Saniaccess3 unit.

“Our half-century of experience in this field has enabled us to create a system that requires less time on the job site, whether installing a new system or servicing an existing one. That means a lower overall cost for the homeowner and higher productivity for the contractor.”

Full access: Two service panels provide direct access to different segments of the macerating unit, allowing easy inspection and servicing of all major components:

  • Through one opening, an installer or service contractor can access the electrical components as well as the level sensor mechanism of the pump.

  • The second panel provides ready access to the basket area around the macerating blades for easy removal of any large objects that may have been accidentally flushed.

“Every single component can be serviced or replaced without disconnecting the entire system,” says Saragosti. “That’s a huge time- and money-saver for service techs, enabling them to finish their work and get on to the next job that much faster.”

Same advantages as SANIPLUS: In addition to the benefit of ready access, the SANIACCESS 3 incorporates the same high-performance features found in Saniflo’s popular SANIPLUS upflush macerating unit, which is also intended for residential and light-commercial applications:

  • Accommodates a full bath: Using the two-inch inlets located at the base and on either side of the macerator, the new SANIACCESS 3 can handle wastewater not only from a toilet, but also from two additional fixtures, such as a sink and a bathtub or shower. “This feature permits the installation of not just a water closet or a powder room,” Saragosti explains, “but a complete and fully functioning bathroom where no below-floor drainage currently exists.”

  • Powerful cutting action: Water and waste entering the macerator and are quickly reduced to slurry by stainless-steel blades that rotate at 3600 rpm (revolutions per minute). The centrifugal force drives the reduced solids through a grill to an impeller mounted beneath the pump motor, which then ejects the effluent through discharge piping connected to the top of the macerator. “The patented blades in our macerators have been proven performers over fifty years in a wide variety of applications,” says Saragosti. “Homeowners can therefore be confident that they will never need to replace them.”

  • Connects easily: The SANIACCESS 3 discharges effluent through a 3/4-inch-diameter pipe, usually made of PVC, that connects to the main plumbing system in a home or a commercial building. The macerator has a vertical pumping distance of up to 15 feet when installed below the sewer line; and nearly 150 feet horizontally – or a lesser combination of these two distances. An integral check valve on the discharge pipe conveniently rotates 360-degrees without any special tools to accommodate different installations.

  • Operates quietly: Sound-absorbing “silent blocks,” made of rubber and strategically placed around the motor and at the base of the SANIACCESS 3, reduce the amount of vibration transmitted through its walls to outside surfaces. Anti-vibration studs at the bottom of the macerator lift the unit slightly above the floor, further reducing the transmission of vibrations. The end result is the quietest macerator on the market, with a noise level nearly 10 decibels less than that of the older upflush plumbing systems – or comparable to that of a conventional toilet re-filling.

The SANIACCESS 3 ships fully preassembled and ready for installation directly behind the rear-outlet toilet that is available with the macerator. If the home or building owner prefers to conceal the unit behind a finished wall, an 18-inch extension pipe for making the macerator-toilet connection is available. “Just as the components of the SANIACCESS are best-in-class, so is the overall look of the unit itself,” says Saragosti. “Its stylish design will be right at home in any contemporary bathroom.”

As with other Saniflo upflush macerating products, the SANIACCESS 3 permits the creation of a new bathroom in virtually any space that lacks below-floor drainage (thus making conventional plumbing impractical). Walls and floors remain intact, and installation is accomplished quickly and economically with minimal disturbance to room layout. The system can be fully operational in as little time as a half-day.

“The new SANIACCESS 3 represents our latest innovation in macerating upflush plumbing technology,” says Saragosti, “providing both the contractor and his customer with a profitable, installer-friendly alternative when conventional plumbing is neither convenient nor cost-effective.”


  • Dimensions (inches): 10-3/4 H x 18-3/4 W x 6-3/4 D
  • Motor Type: Induction
  • Voltage: 115
  • Horsepower: 0.5 HP
  • Discharge: vertically – 15 feet; horizontally – 150 feet
  • Pipe size discharge: ¾-inch
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 104°F / 40°C
  • Available in round or ADA-compliant elongated bowl styles

# # #

SFA SANIFLO U.S.A. — whose European affiliate, the SFA Group, originated macerating plumbing technology — offers a complete line of up flush toilets and gray water pumping systems for residential and commercial applications. Saniflo developed its innovative, “above-floor plumbing” technology more than a half-century ago and has led its commercialization worldwide. Today, the company markets macerating technology through 14 subsidiaries in 50 countries and has sold more than six million units worldwide since 1958. Saniflo markets through independent sales agents throughout North America, and the product line is currently available at distributor and dealer locations throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information , contact Saniflo at 1-800-571-8191. Or visit the Saniflo website at

For editorial assistance , including photography, contact John O’Reilly c/o GreenHouse Digital + PR:
815-469-9100 or


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Saniaccess 3 Saniaccess 3

The new SANIACCESS 3 features a pair of easy-to-open panels at top of unit, allowing quicker access to major components for servicing.

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Hi-Res Image

Image Size: 5" wide x 6" high

Closeup of the SANIACCESS 3 macerating unit containing the high-performance cutting blade. On top is a pair of easy-to-open panels, allowing quicker access to major components for servicing.

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Hi-Res Image

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Saniaccess 3 Saniaccess 3

The SANIACCESS 3 macerator hidden behind the wall with an extension pipe, serving an elongated Saniflo toilet bowl.

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Hi-Res Image

Image Size: 6" wide x 4.25" high

The SANIACESS 3 macerator shown behind the wall with an extension pipe, serving an elongated Saniflo toilet bowl.

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Hi-Res Image

Image Size: 6" wide x 4.25" high


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