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SANICONDENS® BEST Combines Condensate Pump With Built-in Acid Neutralizer

Pump neutralizes and discharges condensate from high-efficiency furnaces, AC equipment, dehumidifiers, ice machines and other applications that lack below-floor drainage.

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SANIFLO SANICONDENS BEST — The SANICONDENS® BEST condensate water pump from SFA Saniflo incorporates a pH neutralizing granule tray that increases the pH of the acid water before discharging it to the drain line. With four inlets, the pump can accommodate multiple condensing mechanical systems, both residential and commercial, including boilers, water heaters, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and other appliances.

Many times, condensate is not able to drain adequately via gravity, usually because the application lacks conventional, below-floor drainage. This problem may, in turn, cause property damage or even create health hazards by adversely affecting indoor air quality. The SANICONDENS BEST, whose built-in pump activates automatically, is designed to quickly remove condensate by pumping it upward to a drainage line where it can be carried safely away from the unit, through gravity.

While neutralizers and condensate pumps were previously built separately, the SANICONDENS BEST combines them into one system, creating a less expensive and space-saving solution.

The built-in neutralizer will defuse condensate from appliances, preventing the corroding of drains and sewer systems. Made of a durable polypropylene, the eight-pound condensate pump may be wall-mounted, using the tabs on the tank, or installed on a level floor surface.

Key features: The SANICONDENS BEST also offers these distinguishing features:

  • Built-in acid neutralizer: The neutralizer raises pH levels for harsh HVAC applications, meeting many local and state codes that require condensate to be neutralized before being discharged to prevent corrosive damage to the sewer system.

  • Four inlets: Suitable for new or existing applications, the SANICONDENS BEST can handle condensate from multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously. Condensate water entering the unit triggers a float, which activates the pump motor.

  • Discharge line: The pump moves the condensate through a flexible hose to a large-diameter PVC discharge pipe. The SANICONDENS BEST comes with 20 feet of vinyl hose, measuring 3/8-inch in diameter, that easily connects to the discharge line, using a 3/8-inch barbed x 3/4-inch male end plastic reducer, also provided with the system.

  • Long pumping distances for greater installation flexibility: The unit can discharge condensate 15 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally – or a lesser combination of these two distances. (A vertical run of three feet is equal to a horizontal run of 30 feet.)

  • Factory-installed check valve: The discharge line is connected to a non-return check valve built into the SANICONDENS BEST unit to keep water from flowing back into the reservoir and reactivating the pump. This factory-installed valve saves the installer time and extra expense on the job site.

  • Excess water alarm: The unit comes with provisions for a ready-to-wire connection to an external overflow switch that will shut down an appliance or alert the homeowner if the water level rises too high.

Certified for U.S. and Canada: The SANICONDENS BEST is certified by CSA International for use in both the United States and Canada. Saniflo warranties the pump, including all electrical components, for three years.


  • Dimensions (inches): H 10"; W 11-7/8"; D 7-1/2"
  • Motor Type: Induction
  • Voltage: 115-120
  • Tank Volume: 2 quarts
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 86 gallons per hour
  • Horsepower: 1/30 HP
  • Discharge: vertically – 15 feet; horizontally –150 feet
  • Pipe size discharge: 3/8-inch
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 160°F
  • Automatic for maintenance-free operation
  • Includes a 20 ft. tubing kit with a 3/8 in. inside diameter, a built-in check valve and a 61-1/2 in. power cord for easy installation

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SFA SANIFLO INC. — whose parent company originated macerating plumbing technology — offers a complete line of waste and drainage pumping systems for residential and commercial applications. Saniflo developed its innovative, “above-floor plumbing” technology more than a half-century ago and has led its commercialization worldwide. Today, the company markets macerating technology through 22 subsidiaries in 50 countries and has sold more than six million units worldwide since 1958. Saniflo markets through independent sales agents throughout North America, and the product line is currently available at distributor and dealer locations throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information, contact Saniflo at 1-800-571-8191. Or visit the Saniflo website at

For editorial assistance, including photography, contact John O’Reilly or Tony Bara c/o GreenHouse Digital + PR: 815-469-9100 or [email protected]; [email protected].


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The SANICONDENS BEST quickly removes condensate by pumping it upward to a drainage line where it can be carried safely away from the unit, through gravity.

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The compact SANICONDENS BEST with a built-in neutralizer (lower-right in photo) weighs only 8 lb. and can be wall-mounted.

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The pH neutralizing granules used in the SANICONDENS BEST built-in neutralizer.

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