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Saniflo Video - Macerator
An overview of how a Saniflo macerator works

Saniflo Video - Install Anywhere
With Saniflo you can install a complete bathroom anywhere without any major work

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SFA Video - Learn More About Saniflo’s Parent
Learn more about Saniflo’s parent company, SFA Group, the inventor of the macerating system.



“How To Install” Guide (Saniplus)

How the Saniflo Macerating Toilet System Works

Frequently asked questions… about maceration

About Saniflo (Backgrounder)

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Saniflo Parent, Group SFA, Celebrates 60 Years of Plumbing Innovation

French manufacturing company introduced maceration technology to the United States in 1998.

Group SFA, the international plumbing manufacturer and parent company of Saniflo USA, is commemorating its 60th anniversary and long legacy of product innovation. more>>

SANIFLO Canada Appoints Alexandra Motts New National Sales Manager

Industry veteran looks to expand Saniflo’s wholesaler network across Canada.

SANIFLO® Canada, a division of Group SFA, the worldwide leader in macerating and grinding toilets, has named Alexandra Motts its new National Sales Manager, effective July 27, 2018. Motts brings over 20 years of relevant industry experience to her new role at SANIFLO, having previously held top management positions in the HVAC, plumbing and event-management industries. more>>


Compact, Lightweight MAXLITE System from Saniflo Meets Every Boat Owner’s Plumbing Needs

The lightweight Sanimarin MAXLITE easily replaces hand pump toilets in confined spaces on boats without increasing the environmental footprint.

The compact and efficiently designed Sanimarin MAXLITE system from SFA Saniflo flexibly replaces manual hand pump toilets on all types of boats, integrating a macerating pump, an electronically activated toilet and a seawater pump into one single package. more>>

Saniflo’s Sanicubic 2® now rated to IP68 standards

The duplex grinder system can continue to function even if submerged in water

Saniflo USA, the worldwide leader in macerating and grinding toilets as well as drain-water pumping systems, has updated the Sanicubic 2®. The company’s duplex grinder system now has a durable, waterproof enclosure that meets IP68 standards making it possible for the system to remain fully operational if submerged in water. more>>

Saniflo Sanicom 1 Simplex Drain Pump Designed for Heavy-Duty Commercial Applications

The 1-horsepower drain pump for demanding commercial applications connects directly to high efficiency washing machines and dishwashers, and can withstand water temperatures up to 194°F, making it ideal for the toughest wastewater pumping installations.

With its resistance to high water temperatures and its ability to directly connect to high-efficiency washing machines, the 1-horsepower Sanicom 1 simplex drain pump from Saniflo is designed to pump gray water away from demanding commercial applications, such as restaurants. more>>

Compact Sanineutral® Kit Neutralizes Condensate, Prevents Costly Corrosion in Piping Systems

Saniflo’s simple-to-install neutralizer kit lowers the acidity of condensate produced by modern, high-efficiency appliances and can be used with or without a condensate pump.

The SANINEUTRAL® neutralizer kit from Saniflo incorporates neutralizing granules to increase the pH of acidic condensate water produced in residential or commercial applications before it reaches the sewer line. more>>


Saniflo Names PEPCO Sales New Agent in Texas

SFA Saniflo U.S.A has appointed PEPCO Sales as its new sales representative in the state of Texas. In business since 1965, PEPCO Sales serves the plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, waterworks, fire protection and irrigation industries and will carry the full line of Saniflo products. more>>

SANIMARIN Delivers Quiet, Efficient, Reliable Plumbing Solutions for Every Boat Owner

The versatile line of SANIMARIN toilets from SFA Saniflo Inc. combines comfort, efficiency and reliability while eliminating the excessive noise associated with vacuum-operated or hand-pump units. Three models, all specially designed for marine applications, feature an easy-to-operate, push-button control panel or, depending on the voltage and model, a single push button, with no bothersome hand-pumping required. more>>

SANIACCESS2 Macerating Unit With Double-Panel Access Permits Simple Powder Room Install and Faster Maintenance

Two panels on either side of the macerator allow every major component inside to be readily serviced without disconnecting the unit from the toilet or the rest of the plumbing system.

The SANIACCESS2 above-floor macerating plumbing system from SFA Saniflo U.S.A. handles sink and toilet fixtures in powder room applications and comes equipped with two access panels that allow for easy internal service. Periodic maintenance can be accomplished quickly and easily without having to disconnect the unit from the fixtures it is serving. more>>

Saniflo Offers New, More Contemporary-Looking China Bowls for Selected Macerating Toilet Systems

WaterSense®, high-efficiency models (1.28 GPF), with either elongated or round fronts, will be offered with Saniplus, Saniaccess2, Saniaccess3 and Sanibest Pro macerating plumbing systems.

SFA Saniflo U.S.A. has unveiled two new, vitreous china, floor-mounted toilet bowls with an updated and contemporary styling, the better to complement modern bathroom design. Available in white with either an elongated or round front, the new bowls are being combined with four current Saniflo macerating plumbing systems: Saniplus, Saniaccess2, Saniaccess3 and Sanibest Pro. more>>


SANICONDENS® BEST Combines Condensate Pump With Built-in Acid Neutralizer

Pump neutralizes and discharges condensate from high-efficiency furnaces, AC equipment, dehumidifiers, ice machines and other applications that lack below-floor drainage.

The SANICONDENS® BEST condensate water pump from SFA Saniflo incorporates a pH neutralizing granule tray that increases the pH of the acid water before discharging it to the drain line. With four inlets, the pump can accommodate multiple condensing mechanical systems, both residential and commercial, including boilers, water heaters, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and other appliances. more>>

Compact, Dual-Flush SANICOMPACT® Saves Water, Turns Tight Spaces into New Powder Rooms

Using only 1.0 to 1.28 gallons of water per flush, this one-piece, macerating toilet offers above-floor plumbing solution for creating a new bath in small spaces with no below-floor drainage.

The versatile, one-piece SANICOMPACT toilet from SFA Saniflo Inc. offers a reliable green solution that saves both water and floor space in a residential powder room application. The product installs quickly and easily anywhere in the home, with no venting required. Equipped with a dual-flush push button, SANICOMPACT allows the user to control the gallons used per flush and conserve water. In addition to handling toilet waste, the SANICOMPACT can also pump water away from a nearby sink. more>>


SFA Saniflo Supports SCI-Arc/Caltech’s Solar Decathlon Entry with Grinder Donation

California university students design innovative, solar-powered home that reimagines fundamental building technologies and includes a high-performance, SANIGRIND PRO grinder system.

SFA Saniflo donated a SANIGRIND PRO upflush grinder system to the SCI-Arc/Caltech team’s net-zero home entry for the U.S. Department of Energy’s biennial Solar Decathlon competition, held Oct. 3-13 in Irvine, Calif. more>>

SFA Saniflo Provides Saniswift Drain Pump System To Aid Family Counseling Center in Alaska

Drain pump will be used in a new café at the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Chaplain Family Life & Training Center, enabling facility to avoid the cost of installing below-floor drainage.

Having recently moved to a new building, the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) Chaplain Family Life and Training Center was recently given the opportunity to develop an after-hours ministry for its members. The center provides individual, marriage and family counseling to service personnel at the base. more>>

Enhanced SANISWIFT Gray Water Pump Makes Adding a Wet Bar, Laundry Sink, Shower Easier Than Ever

Offering powerful, efficient pumping action in a compact and contemporary design, the recently modified Saniswift is small enough to fit easily inside a cabinet, but stylish enough to be left in full view. High-performance pump delivers trouble-free operation where no below-floor drainage exists.

The SANISWIFT from SFA Saniflo, one of the most petite and stylish gray water pumping systems available, has undergone several plumber-friendly design modifications to simplify and speed its already easy installation. Half the size of comparable pumps in its class, the SANISWIFT is shipped fully assembled, with its gray water pump tucked inside its covered, bucket-shaped container, ready for immediate installation. more>>


SANICUBIC 1 Simplex Grinder System Offers Clog-Resistant, Lower-Cost Alternative to Sewage Ejector Packages

Designed for residential and commercial applications where the sewer line or the septic tank sits above or away from the structure, this new simplex grinder system handles waste from multiple fixtures with no need for below-grade storage and the costly, risky digging it requires.

The SANICUBIC 1®, the newest addition to the Saniflo line of heavy-duty packaged grinder systems, is a pre-assembled simplex grinder designed to handle the wastewater and sewage streams from multiple plumbing fixtures in residential and commercial applications, both new construction and renovation. A smaller version of the SANICUBIC 2® duplex grinder system, the SANICUBIC 1 is capable of pumping up to 50 gallons per minute (gpm) from toilets, sinks, tubs and showers, dishwashers, washing machines and much more. more>>

With Years of Proven Technology, Redesigned SANIBEST PRO Offers Most Powerful Upflush System

Given a 25-percent increase in horsepower, this quiet, but heavy-duty upflush grinder delivers best-in-class performance for demanding residential and commercial plumbing applications.

Making its North American debut, the redesigned SANIBEST PRO from SFA Saniflo U.S.A. is the industry’s first and only 1-horsepower upflush grinder system – with 25 percent more power than the previous generation – enabling home and business owners to confidently add a complete modern bathroom wherever it is impossible or cost-prohibitive to do so with conventional plumbing. In addition, the industry’s most powerful upflush grinder now offers ready access to the internal workings of the unit, greatly simplifying service work. more>>


Saniflo Unveils SANIACCESS Upflush Macerating Unit, With Double-Panel Access for Easier Maintenance

The new SANIACCESS 3 upflush macerating plumbing system from SFA Saniflo U.S.A. comes equipped with not just one, but two easy-to-open panels atop the unit, providing ready access to the internal components for servicing. Periodic maintenance can be accomplished quickly and easily without having to disconnect the unit from either the toilet or the rest of the plumbing system. more>>

Saniflo Redesigns Web Site, Offering Enhanced Project-Planning and Product-Selection Features

SFA Saniflo Inc. recently unveiled a newly renovated North American website, designed to make selecting the right macerating or gray water system for a particular residential or commercial application easier than ever... more>>


SANIMARIN Delivers Quiet, Efficient, Reliable Plumbing Solutions for Every Boat Owner

The versatile line of SANIMARIN upflush toilets from SFA Saniflo Inc. combines comfort, efficiency and reliability while eliminating the excessive noise associated with vacuum-operated or hand-pump units... more>>

New SANITOP Offers Quiet Performance Plus Ability to Create a Half Bathroom Anywhere

The new SANITOP—part of the recently unveiled "Quiet Range" lineup of upflush plumbing systems from Saniflo U.S.A.—is the smallest and quietest macerator on the market with a noise level nearly 10 decibels less than the older upflush toilet systems... more>>

New, 'Potty Parity' Facebook Page Dedicated To Help End the Dreaded Ladies' Room Line

Hosted by Saniflo U.S.A., a manufacturer of macerating, upflush, plumbing systems, new Facebook page invites women and men to post images of public restroom facilities that compel women to wait in long lines because of an insufficient number of toilets... more>>

Saniflo Unveils 'Quiet Range' Saniplus Macerator With Higher Performance, Quieter Operation

The redesigned SANIPLUS—part of the new "Quiet Range" lineup of macerating systems from SFA Saniflo—offers faster cutting action and a quieter performance... more>>


Compact, 1-GPF SANICOMPACT® Saves Water, Turns Tight Spaces into New Bathrooms

The versatile, one-piece SANICOMPACT toilet from SFA Saniflo Inc. offers a reliable green solution that saves both water and floor space... more>>

New Compact SANICUBIC® CLASSIC Handles Wastewater Removal for an Entire Structure

For more than 50 years, SFA Saniflo has manufactured macerating and gray water pumping systems for handling wastewater from multiple plumbing fixtures and appliances within... more>>

‘Touch of Security’: New SANIALARM Detects High Water Levels in a Macerator or Gray Water Pump

The new SANIALARM from SFA Saniflo Inc. is designed to prevent water inside a Saniflo macerator or gray water pump from rising above the maximum allowable level, as the result of a... more>>

Powerful, Petite SANISWIFT Gray Water Pump Comes Preassembled, Saving Installation Time

New from SFA Saniflo, the SANISWIFT gray water pumping system offers powerful, economical pumping action in a compact, contemporary design. The unit is shipped fully assembled... more>>



Saniflo Unveils New Water Closet Bowl For its Saniplus and Sanibest Macerating Systems

SFA Saniflo Inc. has introduced a new, more stylish round-front toilet bowl for its Saniplus and Sanibest macerating toilet systems in North America. The new fixture is meant to be... more>>

Saniflo Names Veteran Export and Subsidiary Manager, Regis Saragosti, to Head U.S. Subsidiary

SFA Saniflo recently announced that Regis Saragosti has succeeded Bertrand Bouchard as Chief Executive Officer of its operations in the United States. An 18-year veteran with Saniflo... more>>

Compact SANIPUMP Gray Water Pumping System Handles Multiple Plumbing Fixtures, Appliances

The SANIPUMP gray water pumping system from SFA Saniflo Inc. is small enough to fit inside a cabinet or under a sink, yet powerful enough to handle discharged wastewater from... more>>



Sanistar Combines Space-Saving, Modern Design With Superb Water Savings, Using Only 1.1 gpf

The one-piece, wall-hung SANISTAR Macerating Toilet System from SFA Saniflo Inc. allows the home or business owner to create a new powder room wherever they need one, while... more>>

Savvy Merchandising Helps Hardware Store Owner Boost Sales of Problem-Solving Plumbing System

A hardware store owner in this northern Indiana town is using a combination of merchandising savvy and Midwest-style straight talk to help his customers solve one of the most... more>>

Saniflo TV Ad Designed to Boost Consumer Awareness, Trade Sales in Eight NE Markets

SFA Saniflo, Inc. is launching its first-ever television advertising campaign in the United States, targeting eight key metropolitan markets in the Northeast from February 26 through... more>>


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Save water - and money - in the most budget-draining room in your house

Certain home appliances and features have a reputation for being energy and money wasters; everyone knows the air conditioner draws more electricity and old, leaky windows boost utility bills. But are you aware of the room in your home that uses – and wastes – the most water? more>>

Creating an island paradise: Tips for adding an island in your kitchen renovation

Custom cabinetry, granite countertops, reclaimed wood flooring and accents, and top-of-the-line, high-tech appliances – what more do you need to make your kitchen renovation perfect? How about adding an island? Designers and builders across the country are pointing to the addition of an island as the must-have upgrade for kitchen renovations this year. more>>

Modern man cave musts

Whether in a workshop, garden or garage, American men have always enjoyed their personal spaces. With the rise of flat-screen technology, having a “man cave” became an official home improvement trend. In fact, a 2013 survey by online retailer Newegg found that more than half of American homes now have a man cave. Now, after more than a decade of partying, man caves have matured. more>>

Outdoor kitchen? Second-floor laundry?
How to easily achieve summer’s hottest home improvements

Whether you’re staying in place or planning to take advantage of an improving real estate market to sell your home, spring and summer are upgrade seasons. From adding a bathroom to creating an outdoor kitchen, certain improvements pay off for both homeowners who are selling and those who are staying. And while plumbing challenges, such as breaking through concrete or opening walls, may discourage some people, savvy homeowners know a tried-and-true option solves such problems. more>>

The Pitfalls of Busting through Concrete

Cracks that trigger leaks and seepage, while compromising structural integrity; choking dust and below-grade hazards; too many days on the job site plus the added cost of buying or renting special tools: These are just a few of the reasons why contractors should be wary of any plumbing job that involves breaking through concrete floors

No doubt, it’s a scenario you have encountered — and successfully managed — on any number of occasions... more>>

Got an ‘impossible’ space?
The no-fail way to turn it into a bathroom

Nearly everyone has a home improvement “impossible dream” – an inground pool in a postage-stamp-sized backyard or a professional-grade kitchen on a $5,000 budget. Some homeowners might say their can’t-do renovation is adding a bathroom in an impossible space. But enterprising homeowners and contractors are using a long-proven technology to creatively add bathrooms in a variety of locations once considered “impossible” for plumbing. more>>

Three astoundingly simple solutions for big renovation challenges

Americans are renovating again. In fact, the remodeling market hasn’t been this robust since 2004, according to the National Association of Home Builders’ Remodeling Market Index. Yet even the most enthusiastic homeowners-turned-renovators may hesitate when faced with certain common challenges – be it adding a bathroom in a problematic location or figuring out how to bring natural light into an interior room. more>>

Four hot, new-home trends that can work for your remodel

Builders are back in business, and new-home construction is up in areas across the country. So is remodeling, as plenty of Americans choose to stay put and upgrade their current homes rather than tackle the challenge of buying and moving into something new. more>>

Overcoming common bathroom addition challenges

Builders are back in business, and new-home construction is up in areas across the country. So is remodeling, as plenty of Americans choose to stay put and upgrade their current homes rather than tackle the challenge of buying and moving into something new. more>>

Concrete challenges of converting basements or garages to living space

For homeowners looking to improve the value of their homes - and cope with the needs of multiple generations living under one roof - basement and garage renovations make sense. Both can enhance home value and add much-needed living space for less than one might spend on building an addition. more>>

Plumbing pro tells how to install an extra bath with less cost, noise and mess

So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and add that much-needed extra bathroom. Smart idea! According to the 2011-2012 Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report, an added bath will return more than 50 percent of your investment at resale. So what should you do to make sure your money is well spent? “Take some time to talk to an experienced contractor so you know the best options for your situation,” advises master plumber Mario Rink, co-owner of Mechanical Solutions Unlimited in Culpeper, Va. more>>

How new home trends can apply to remodeling existing homes

A significant shift in consumer preference in new home purchases is the latest by-product of the still-struggling economy. The residential construction market is shrinking and so are houses. Homebuilders expect newly constructed single-family homes to average just 2,150 square feet by 2015. That’s 10 percent smaller than previously, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), which conducted the survey. more>>

Remodeling for aging in place today will help sell your home tomorrow

Only one in 10 adults believes this is a good time to sell a home, according to Fannie Mae’s September 2011 National Housing Survey. If you’re on hold in the real estate market, now is the time to get your house in order - literally. Make the right changes today, and you’ll get a better price tomorrow. more>>

Why a home remodel may be better than a savings account

Are you keeping your home longer than you expected, due to the sluggish and uncertain home-resale market? If you are, you’ve got company. Only 43 percent of homeowners believe they would get their asking price if they sold today, according to the latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker. That lack of confidence, coupled with interest rates on personal savings accounts that are at or near record lows, has a lot of homeowners investing in their homes instead of depositing money in their banks. more>>

Considering a spring remodel? Why smaller, smarter projects make sense

Slow home sales, hard-to-get credit, and a still uncertain economy - a lot of factors are keeping people at home, these days. Many homeowners have decided to wait for the housing market to rebound before they think about putting their homes on the market. If you’re among them, you can use this “time-out” to make smart, strategic home improvements that will enhance your comfort now and appeal to buyers later. more>>

Help for modern families: inexpensive bathroom additions

As older adults age in place and more households make room for multiple generations, how will Americans respond to the home-improvement challenge? Two important housing trends are both emerging and merging today: Older adults increasingly want to “age in place,” while a record number of households have united across multiple generations. The second trend is in response to both the flagging economy and to support elder parents’ desire to stay at home. more>>

Lower costs make now a great time for a bathroom remodel

Have you outgrown your small home, but you’re staying put for financial or economic reasons? Or maybe you recently bought a house in foreclosure that was a great deal, but needs fixing up. If so, you’re part of the re-energized remodeling market. For the first time since 2006, home-improvement spending is up, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. more>>

Herndon Plumbing Installer Recommends Above-Floor Plumbing vs. Sewage Ejection

With three decades of installation experience, Mario Rink knows a good plumbing product when he installs one. His choice for basement baths?

It's an all-too-common scenario: You want to create a completely new bathroom in your basement so you call a plumber for an estimate. With either conventional plumbing or sewage ejection, you discover that your installer must dig through the concrete flooring... more>>

Selling your home? Easy improvements to attract buyers

Real estate pros often coach their clients on the value of making “curb appeal” improvements to help sell their homes. Outside painting and minor repairs signal that the house has been well cared for. That’s a great marketing tactic, but an even better advantage is offering multiple bathrooms. So if you’re planning to put your house on the market and want to make it stand out, consider going a step further and adding a new bathroom. more>>

Make your smaller home more livable with a new bath

Smaller homes are making a comeback. More families are hanging onto their existing homes and improving these smaller properties, instead of trading up. Maximizing livable space is how the American Institute of Architects (AIA) describes this new trend, a by-product of a down new-housing and real estate market. more>>

Slumping Economy Prompts Homeowners To Open Doors To Family and Boarders

New household members make bathroom creation an absolute must to preserve privacy while enhancing the livability of a home.

Rising unemployment rates and looming foreclosures are reviving the once-common, “home-share” model, uniting strangers and family members under a single roof — and... more>>

Home-sharing trend brings recession relief to homeowners and renters alike

Many people dealing with today’s recession are taking steps to financial recovery that bring to mind the resourcefulness of their counterparts during the Great Depression. One of those is home-sharing, which is increasingly bringing together families, friends and even strangers in an effort to cut costs or make some extra money. Just as they did in the 1930s and 1940s, Americans today show a generosity of spirit that has become our trademark in tight times. more>>

Now Is an Excellent Time for Smaller Residential Remodeling Projects

Bathrooms offer real value at low cost — even in the basement!

While new home construction has come to a grinding halt in most of the country, smaller home-renovation projects are still a viable option for homeowners. In fact, the National... more>>

Now is the Time for Smaller Home Remodel Projects

While new home construction has come to a grinding halt in most of the country, smaller home-renovation projects are still a viable option for homeowners. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently reported a “slight increase” in minor remodeling projects in its third-quarter 2008 Remodeling Market Index. What does all this mean for homeowners? It spells opportunity. more>>

Above-Floor Plumbing: A Better Way to Build a Basement Bath

It’s a common basement renovation scenario: You want a new bathroom and your plumber recommends a sewage ejection system. That requires digging through the concrete: a messy and time-consuming job with a high price tag. Mike Sikorski says that scenario was turning off his customers. Today, the East Taunton, Mass., plumber happily recommends above-floor plumbing instead. more>>

A Better Way to Build a Basement Bath

Balking at the cost to pound through a concrete floor to install a sewage ejector or even conventional plumbing? Check out Saniflo macerating technology – the above-floor alternative for creating a new bathroom below the sewer line.

It’s an all-too-common scenario: You want to create a completely new bathroom in your basement, so you call a plumber for an estimate. With either conventional plumbing or sewage... more>>

Your New Bathroom Addition Can Conserve Water and Cut Installation Costs

When it comes to saving water, every drop counts. The bathrooms in your home are a good target, because that’s where a lot of water goes down the drain. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, residential toilets account for about one-third of our nation’s indoor household water use, or more than 2.1 trillion gallons of water a year. So what’s an environmentally conscious homeowner to do when a spare bathroom is needed? more>>

Now That’s Comforting:
A Luxury Basement Addition That Doesn’t Break the Bank!

Thinking of creating a modern comfort hideaway within your home?
Then take the first step toward tranquility: Saniflo above-floor plumbing.

In today’s homes, “comfort” and “serenity” are the hot new watchwords. From simply using more tranquil paint colors to the more ambitious addition of meditation and luxury spa retreats... more>>

A Luxury Basement Addition that Doesn’t Break the Bank

In today’s homes, “comfort” and “serenity” are the hot new watchwords. From simply using more tranquil paint colors to the more ambitious addition of meditation and luxury spa retreats, the pursuit of well-being is increasingly figuring into the plans of American homeowners. Fortunately, installing luxury bath fixtures in these new-age havens is a snap when Saniflo above-floor plumbing is used. more>>

Green Bathrooms Save Money And The Planet

Adding a modern bathroom addition is a smart way to increase the value of your home while protecting our natural resources. In addition to reducing your impact on the planet, installing a low-consumption toilet can cut your water bills. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), residential toilets account for about one-third of our nation’s indoor household water use, or more than 2.1 trillion gallons of water a year. more>>

Renovation of Unfinished Basement Creates Two-Bath, Home-within-a-Home for Extended Family

Bathroom additions rank among the most common home improvements, and the investment almost always pays off at resale. But when it comes to basement renovations, the expense and mess of digging for plumbing drainage lines makes adding a bathroom financially impractical for many homeowners. As a result, homes with plenty of sub-level promise remain underutilized. more>>

“How To Install” Guide (Saniplus)

When Bad Things Happen to Good Plumbing – A Seasoned Pro Tells How To Correctly Install a Saniflo Macerating Toilet

Installing a Saniflo macerating plumbing system is a relatively straightforward affair – one that can be readily accomplished with a half-day’s work, maybe less. Still, mistakes do happen... more>>

Adding a Bath Where None Exists?

If a bathroom addition is on your project list, consider a Saniflo above-floor plumbing system – especially for a basement remodel or any other room where you don’t have accessible, below-floor plumbing. That’s the advice of Mike Coletto, an independent plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractor in Illinois who has more than 15 years of residential plumbing experience. “Above-floor plumbing is a super alternative to conventional plumbing and a great problem-solver,” he says. more>>

Make Life Easier on Those Caring for Ailing Loved Ones

When Carl Pearson’s ailing mother could no longer live alone safely, he and his wife Rita brought her to their home in Dallas so they could care for her. Wanting to preserve his mother’s independence and protect the couple’s privacy, Pearson converted a billiard room in the remodeled garage into a spacious bedroom suite. Initially, he thought the arrangement would work well, but soon the walking distance to use the bathroom inside the house became difficult and too risky. more>>

Installing a New Basement Bathroom?

If you’re remodeling the basement of your home and thinking about adding a new bathroom or powder room, that’s a smart move. According to Remodel Magazine’s “2005 Cost vs. Value” report, homeowners can recoup more than 86 percent of the cost of a bathroom addition. But conventional plumbing can be costly. And the digging is a real mess. So how can you increase your property value, while maximizing your remodeling investment? more>>

10 Good Reasons to Install a Saniflo Bathroom in the Basement…
or Anywhere Else in the Home

Americans will spend nearly $160 billion on household im-provements and repairs this year, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Many of those... more>>

Locate That New Bath Anywhere In the Home with a Macerating Toilet System

Creating a new bathroom in an older home can pose numerous installation challenges that can be both difficult and costly to resolve. Will the fixtures be situated below the septic system? Must they be positioned too far from a drain? Will busting through the concrete floor to install drainage to the plumbing stack trigger structural problems -- as well as a hefty bill from the tradesman hired to perform the excavation? more>>




Install a Bathroom Anywhere It’s Needed!

Adding a quality bathroom virtually anywhere in the home — from the basement to the attic and even the garage — is quick, easy and cost-efficient with a SANIFLO MACERATING... more>>

How the Saniflo Macerating Toilet System Works

The term “macerate” means to soften or break up. Instead of routing waste through a drain in the floor like a conventional toilet, the macerating toilet flush water is moved to a... more>>

Frequently Asked Questions… About Maceration

Because macerating technology is still new to most American homeowners, questions about its installation, operation and cost are not uncommon. Here are a few of the most... more>>

About Saniflo (Backgrounder)

SFA SANIFLO INC. (“SANIFLO”) is the only manufacturer of its kind in North America, offering a complete line of macerating toilet systems for residential and light-commercial... more>>


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New Jersey Company Innovates with Above-Floor Plumbing To Make Outdoor Bathrooms a Breeze

Bath and shower enclosures, coupled with Saniflo above-floor plumbing systems, are making outdoor facilities simpler and more affordable for the average American consumer.

Many dream of having a cabana next to their pool or outdoor recreation area to mirror the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It offers more than just the convenience of not having to travel to use the bathroom during a pool party—an outdoor bath means tracking less dirt, sand and water into the home. more>>

Ferguson Avoids Costly Plumbing “Gut” with Grinder Pump

Wholesaler giant saved an estimated 90 percent on costs and several days of downtime by choosing a heavy-duty duplex grinder from Saniflo to solve its plumbing backup issues at a branch in Raleigh.

When Ferguson — the largest U.S. distributor of plumbing supplies, PVF, waterworks and fire and fabrication products — encountered extensive plumbing-system backups at one of its branches, it decided to trust one of the product lines they offer to customers, Saniflo grinder pumps, as the most practical, cost-effective solution. more>>

New Kentucky Kitchen and Bath Showroom Enhances Working Displays with Above-Floor Plumbing Systems

To avoid busting up concrete, Wilder Winnelson installed above-floor plumbing systems from Saniflo to drain its working showroom displays, saving an estimated $5,000 in the process.

Terry Jones, President of Wilder Winnelson, moved his plumbing supply house into a new building in April 2016 with big plans, but a tight budget. Part of the Winsupply family, with nearly 600 locations in 45 states, the company has served plumbers, builders, and homeowners in its namesake Kentucky hometown for nearly 20 years. more>>

Boater Saves with Compact, Electric Marine Toilet

When plumbing distributor Carmen Bossi’s hand-pump toilet broke, he upgraded to the Sanimarin MAXLITE, which rolls a macerating pump, an electronically activated toilet and a seawater pump all into one package

An avid boater, Carmen Bossi faced an embarrassing problem anytime he entertained guests aboard his 29-foot Monterey cruiser, docked in Kittery, Maine. more>>

Historic Riverboat Sails Again with Revamped Plumbing System

A heavy-duty grinder pump from Saniflo upgrades the historic River Queen’s antiquated plumbing system, allowing it to get back on the water.

Old-timers in Elkhart, Indiana, tell the story of local mason Red Macumber who, in the 1940s and 1950s, built a riverboat from scratch, using an engine he had lifted from a sunken vessel at the bottom of nearby Lake Michigan. He named the vessel the River Queen, and it became a pleasure craft for decades on the Saint Joseph River. more>>

Saniflo Provides Compact Plumbing Solution for Tiny Home

Tiny Home builders Johanna Elsner and her husband, Tom, are using macerating toilets to preserve a traditional feel in their non-traditional building projects.

There is a growing niche market in the United States for “tiny homes,” or mobile dwelling places that are typically under 400 square feet. “Tiny Homes are just as diverse as any other home,” explains Johanna Elsner, who owns Perch & Nest Company (Winston-Salem, NC) with her husband, Tom. The couple specializes in building luxury, tiny-home recreational vehicles (RVs) that are a grade above standard RVs and other mobile units. more>>

Saniflo Pumps Help Nonprofit “Shower Love” on the Homeless

The humanitarian organization, Showering Love, installed grinding pump technology in its flagship bus, which will travel around Florida, providing showers and other services for the homeless.

Many homeless individuals struggle to improve their lives due to limited personal hygiene, which can hamper their confidence and the impressions they make on others, such as potential employers. Showers are taken for granted by those with regular access. For those without, they can be a rare privilege. more>>

Wastewater Pumps Help Underground Bunker Owners Prepare for the Unthinkable

Rising S Company employs Saniflo pumps as part of its underground bunker solution for those concerned about the future’s uncertainties.

For many seeking enhanced protection for themselves, their loved ones and their belongings in the event of a major natural disaster, widespread civil unrest, or infrastructure breakdown, Rising S Company offers a rather unusual, but formidable solution. more>>

A Plumbing Miracle: Grinder Pump Saves Church $30K in Installation Costs over Conventional Drainage

Oneonta Assembly of God Church was facing the specter of an expensive plumbing installation for its new building expansion. Fortunately, a good Samaritan plumber proposed and installed a duplex grinding solution from Saniflo that saved the house of worship nearly $30,000.

Serving a congregation of 150 faithful, Oneonta Assembly of God Church has increased its flock significantly since its founding in 1939. In the past 20 years alone, the number of churchgoers has more than tripled. more>>

Taking a Leap of Faith: New York Plumbing Contractor Converts to Above-Floor Grinding Technology

Plumbing contractor Kerry Root was skeptical about installing a Saniflo grinder pump when two above-floor plumbing macerators from a different brand had failed his clients. But after some convincing by sales representative Troy Morgan and a fortunate accident, Root realized that the Sanibest Pro was the perfect fit for the couple’s demanding basement plumbing needs.

Sometimes taking a leap of faith can produce positive results never dreamed of during the decision-making process. Although it’s often tempting to tread in familiar waters and “go with what you know,” breaking out of that comfort zone just once and trying something new could quickly render the old ways obsolete. more>>

Practicing What He Preaches: Contractor Chooses Above-Floor Plumbing System for his Log Cabin Home

When plumbing contractor Don Frederick Sr. needed to add a bathroom to serve his home’s basement, he chose an above-floor macerating system from Saniflo over a sewage ejection pump, saving roughly $1,500 and more than a day’s worth of labor.

Plumbing contractors install various products over the course of their careers and doubtless hold equally various opinions on them. When they install one in their own homes, however, it’s a statement that something about that product must be particularly advantageous, based on their experience. It’s the type of statement that Don Frederick Sr. recently made when he installed an above-floor macerator in his home’s basement. more>>

Taking Care of Business: Indiana Wholesaler Saves 12 Hours in Labor Installing Above-Floor Plumbing Systems for New Restrooms

When Mid-City Supply set out to install two restrooms to service new office space, Saniflo’s above-floor plumbing solution eliminated the need to undertake a complicated concrete drilling project, saving the business 12 hours in labor and 25 percent in installation costs.

The city of Elkhart is an oasis of people amidst the sparsely populated countryside of north-central Indiana. Known for its railroad museum and nicknamed the “RV Capital of the World,” Elkhart embodies the rustic charm of the American Midwest. more>>

In Wake of Hurricane Sandy, Resourceful Plumber Provides Homeowner with Money-Saving, Above-Floor Plumbing Solution

After Hurricane Sandy flooded one homeowner’s seaside abode, the renovation process was long and complicated. Fortunately, creating a new bathroom below the drain line was not one of his difficulties, thanks to Saniflo’s above-floor macerating technology. Installed by plumber Rob Wachtler, this solution saved the homeowner time, hassle and about $1,500 in costs.

When Hurricane Sandy slammed New Jersey in October 2012, it precipitated some of the worst damage inflicted by a natural disaster in that state’s history. Hundreds of thousands of homes fell victim to the vicious Category 2 storm, which had traveled all the way from the Caribbean. more>>

For Rent: Above-Floor Plumbing System Transforms Wholesaler’s Family Room into Studio Apartment

May Supply president Larry Fanella knew from the start that he would install in his uniquely situated home the same above-floor grinding technology he sells as a Saniflo distributor. This decision saved him $2,000 along with time and the hassle of a more complicated installation.

Situated in a steep hill overlooking the city of Harrisonburg, Virginia, Larry Fanella’s three-story home is a prime piece of real estate. “It gives you a beautiful view of the city,” says Fanella, president of May Supply Company, an independent plumbing supply and water treatment distributor to plumbing contractors and home builders in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia since 1972. more>>

Landmark Wurlitzer Building Saved Nearly $20,000 On New Sanitary Line with Above-Floor Plumbing System

Instead of digging through several feet of hard concrete for conventional plumbing, the owners of the legendary Wurlitzer building relied on the powerful Sanicubic 2 duplex grinder system from SFA Saniflo to handle a demanding plumbing-renovation challenge easily and cost-effectively.

In 1856, Franz “Rudolph” Wurlitzer emigrated from Europe to Cincinnati and established the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company as a reseller of various types of organs — hurdy-gurdies, barrel organs and the like — made by the deKleist Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company, located in North Tonawanda in upstate New York. A half century after the company’s startup, Wurlitzer’s son Howard purchased Eugene deKleist’s company, and the newly renamed Rudolph Wurlitzer Manufacturing Company soon became known for creating the “Best Musical Instruments in the World.” more>>

Saniflo Gives Hajoca Orlando Timely Solution to Restroom Drainage Problem, Showing Maceration Not Just for Basements

Hajoca Orlando manager Jim Holtzapple was ready to cut into his concrete floors to install drainage for a new restroom until he learned that above-floor maceration could shrink installation time from 10 days to one, while saving $1,700. Who says maceration is just for basements?

Maceration. Chances are, you’ve come across this “new” plumbing technology with the strange-sounding name at one time or another in recent years. An innovative alternative to conventional, below-floor drainage — developed in Europe almost 60 years ago — maceration first came to the U.S. market by way of Canada in the late 1990s. more>>

When Conventional Plumbing is too Costly or Impossible, One Proven Alternative Pleases Contractors and End Users

How property owner Kathy O’Brien used Saniflo-brand above-floor macerating toilet systems in three residences in Hawaii, overcoming tough plumbing challenges and increasing her rental income.

Living on a beautiful Hawaiian island has obvious benefits. But when it comes to home-improvement projects, even an island paradise can present major challenges. more>>

When a wholesaler encounters a plumbing challenge, he finds the up-flush solution in his own inventory!

How Schumacher & Seiler recently used the Sanibest up-flush plumbing system to turn a successful branch-rehab project into an effective, in-store working model.

When plumbing wholesaler Schumacher & Seiler Inc. relocated its Baltimore branch last summer, district manager Bill Pritchett expected the hefty price tag that goes along with any major move. But when they began to convert the space to their liking, he and the management team quickly realized the existing restroom site wasn't going to work... more>>

Stafford Springs Plumbing Installer’s Cutting-Edge Design Keys Restoration of 19th Century Remington Rand Building

Al Warren of Warren Brothers Mechanical Contractors overcame the lack of drainage and long sewer line in the historic Middletown facility by using an innovative system to pump and process waste without digging.

From bicycle wheels to automobiles to typewriters and electronics, the sprawling Remington Rand complex in Middletown has held an important place in the state's economic history since 1897. But over the decades, the hub for heavy industry took a toll on the environment, contaminating the surrounding soil and groundwater and polluting the Mattabessett River... more>>

South Richmond Hill Plumbing Installer Modernized Fordham University’s Walsh Library Restrooms 

Serve-Well Plumbing and Heating owner Fred Schultz chose new-generation plumbing to replace a bulky sewage ejector for basement restrooms.

Serve-Well Plumbing and Heating owner Fred Schultz chose new-generation plumbing to replace a bulky sewage ejector for basement restrooms... more>>

Sanicubic Lift Station Solves Industrial Firm's Long-Distance Drainage Problems Cost-Effectively

With below-floor drainage not an option, new duplex grinder device pumps effluent from silkscreen washout booth at one end of Chicago manufacturer’s 15,000-square-foot building to floor drain 100 feet away.

What does a manufacturer do when a production process that requires drainage is situated at the back end of its facility, a good 100 feet away from the nearest drain on the front side of the building? more>>

No Bathroom? No Problem. Easy-In/Easy Out Macerating Toilet Eases Construction Headache

Plumbing contractor installs macerating plumbing system to create a temporary, full-service, employee bathroom at a shopping mall construction site, saving the building contractor substantial time and money.

Building a new, upscale department store in a shopping mall is challenging enough. Add to that the problem of providing office staff... more>>

PACE Supply's Training Efforts Build Markets For Specialty Products, Despite Down Economy

Northern California wholesaler PACE Supply invests in employee and customer product training and uses these educational efforts as a driver for growth.

Do investments in training deliver long-term results in terms of increased sales? In Santa Rosa, California plumbing and HVAC wholesaler PACE Supply is answering that question with a resounding yes... more>>

It's Smooth Sailing for Busy Marina Bathhouses, Thanks to Powerful, Reliable Macerating Plumbing

Lake Michigan marina outfits two floating, 600-square-foot bathhouses, each with six bathrooms and a laundry room, and equipped with macerating plumbing to avoid system failures during peak usage by the general public.

When the Hammond Marina on Lake Michigan opened for the season in May 2009, boaters were greeted with a pair of new dockside conveniences: two floating bathhouses... more>>

Saniflo Plumbing Just What the Doctor Ordered, Saving Rural Health Care Group More than $250,000

In late 2007, the prognosis wasn't good for tenants of a newly constructed health care facility in this rural northern California town... more>>

Saniflo Plumbing Proves to be a “Champ” In University of Arkansas Arena Luxury Suites

When the University of Arkansas decided to upgrade its 19,000-seat Bud Walton Arena with 12 new luxury suites, a problematic building configuration made it impractical to install... more>>

Couple Transforms Wasted Basement Space into Independent Living Quarters for Older Family Members

Savvy homeowners save $10,000 by using above-floor plumbing technology to fashion a separate, two-bath, luxury living area for their loved ones

Bathroom additions rank among the most common home improvements, and the investment almost always pays off at resale. But when it comes to basement renovations, the... more>>

Saniflo Project Profile: Case Study 101 – Naples Garage (SF0652)

Homeowner Creates Guest Suite in Her Garage Without Breaking the Floor... or the Bank

With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, Naples, Florida, is an enticing locale, attractive to year-round residents and visitors alike. So attractive, in fact, that... View/Download Images>>


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Saniflo Product Portfolio

An overview of the Saniflo Products... View/Download Images>>

Saniflo News Release – Brentwood, TN (SF0709)

Savvy homeowners save $10,000 by using above-floor plumbing technology to fashion a separate, two-bath, luxury living area for their loved ones

Bathroom additions rank among the most common home improvements, and the investment almost always pays off at resale. But when it comes to basement... View/Download Images>>

Saniflo News Release – TV Campaign (SF0707)

SFA Saniflo, Inc. is launching its first-ever television advertising campaign in the United States, targeting eight key metropolitan markets in the Northeast from... View/Download Images>>

Saniflo News Release – 10 Good Reasons (SF0707)

Americans will spend nearly $160 billion on household im-provements and repairs this year, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies... View/Download Images>>

Saniflo Article – Central Hardware (SF0707)

A hardware store owner in this northern Indiana town is using a combination of merchandising savvy and Midwest-style straight talk to help his customers solve one... View/Download Images>>

Saniflo Sanivite Product Release (SF0653)

The SANIVITE gray water pumping system from SFA Saniflo Inc. is small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet or under a sink, yet powerful enough to handle... View/Download Images>>

Saniflo Sanishower Product Release (SF0635)

The SANISHOWER from Saniflo is a fully automatic gray water compact pump system designed to discharge wastewater from a shower, bathtub, bar or bathroom sink... View/Download Images>>

Saniflo Sanicompact Product Release (SF0635)

The SANICOMPACT 48 is a self-contained water closet that combines a macerating pump and an electronically activated toilet bowl into a single compact unit, making... View/Download Images>>

Saniflo Basement Bathroom Article (SF0635)

Installing a new basement bathroom? Now you can skip the high cost and hassle of busting through the concrete floor and go right to updated convenience... View/Download Images>>


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