SFA Saniflo North America partners with humanitarian group Plumbers Without Borders as a Mission Supporter Sponsor

Saniflo will support the international philanthropic work of Plumbers Without Borders with donations of its above-floor plumbing solutions, as well as technical installation guidance.

EDISON, NJ (MARCH 8, 2022) — Saniflo North America, a division of Group SFA, the world leader in above-the-floor macerating and grinding toilets and drain pumps, has announced a partnership with Plumbers Without Borders (PWB) as a Mission Supporter Sponsor. The ultimate goal is to support the group’s mission to connect volunteer plumbers and industry resources with organizations working to increase access to safe water and sanitation worldwide.

Saniflo IBS 2022 Media Kit

Media Kit

Sanicubic Vortex Series

Sanicom 2 Drain Pump



Saniflo unveils two new lift stations, with a clog-reducing vortex impeller to handle up to 2-inch solids

New Sanicubic Vortex Series, offering both simplex and duplex models, will handle drainage from multiple fixtures in residential or commercial structures, with discharge rates up to 250 gpm.

EDISON, NJ (January 28, 2022) — Saniflo U.S.A.® parent company has unveiled the next generation in its Sanicubic range of preassembled, simplex and duplex lift stations: the Sanicubic Vortex Series, featuring a vortex-type impeller that delivers clog-free handling of solids up to two inches in diameter. The new series is engineered for highly demanding, rugged-duty applications that involve much larger or harder objects than what is typically flushed down a toilet.

Custom trailer manufacturer chooses Saniflo above-floor grinding and shower solution for ADA-compliant public restroom and shower trailers

Mini-Case Study | December 2021
Montondo Trailer installs reliable Sanibest Pro, Sanigrind Pro, and Sanishower in their drop trailers to accommodate long term and heavy usage by the general public.



BUFFALO, NY — Montondo Trailer was founded in 2014 by Jack Montondo, who built the business like he builds his trailers – from the ground up. His company specializes in creating custom restrooms, showers, and speciality trailers. Each trailer is built in-house, which allows Montondo to have complete control over the design and the material used.

Mechanical contractor opts for cost-saving Saniflo above-floor plumbing when converting his own garage into an in-law suite

Mini-Case Study | November 2021
When Joseph Cariola turned his garage into living quarters for guests, professional experience led him to install Saniflo’s Saniaccess 2 — a cost-effective solution that would be simple to install and capable of handling the varied usage of multiple visitors.



ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA — Joseph Cariola is a licensed plumber and operations manager at Feddon Mechanical, which offers plumbing, mechanical, medical gas and acid waste services from start to finish on schools, medical buildings and other commercial buildings in the St. Petersburg market. With 30 years of experience, Cariola coordinates a wide variety of projects, including remodeling and renovation, new construction and design development, as well as everyday service work.

New modular-dwelling manufacturer, Boxabl, uses Saniflo Rear Discharge Toilets for its prefabricated studio apartments

Mini-Case Study | November 2021
Aiming to revolutionize the way houses are built, Boxabl founders Galiano Tiramani and Kyle Denman opted for Saniflo’s Rear Discharge Toilet to gain substantial efficiencies in the manufacturing process of their 375-square-foot modular units.


LAS VEGAS — Boxabl is a newly founded, modular home-building system that began in 2017. Created by Galiano Tiramani and Kyle Denman, the company aims to lower the cost of homeownership and, ultimately, change the way houses are built.

Remodel of 100-year-old showroom avoids breaking through Terrazzo flooring with Saniflo above-floor plumbing solution

Mini-Case Study | November 2021
Winthrop Supply Company converts 3,500-square-foot showroom into plumbing educational center, choosing Saniflo’s Sanibest Pro for the bathroom build-out.


INDIANAPOLIS — Winthrop Supply Company is a family-owned and operated, independent plumbing wholesaler, founded in 1939. The company provides top-quality residential and commercial plumbing supplies to plumbing, heating, and mechanical contractors throughout the central Indiana area. Fritz Steck, now retired, has been with the organization for over 50 years.

Specialty ink and coatings manufacturer finds stronger, more-efficient pressure pump solution for unique, new washer-extractor unit

Mini-Case Study | October 2021
Eastern Tech Co. optimizes the production efficiency of a prototyped machine to coat garments in mass quantities, using Saniflo’s Sanicom 1 and Sanicom 2 heavy-duty drain pumps.


ORANGE, CONNECTICUT — Eastern Tech Company is a specialty ink and coatings manufacturer, headquartered in Orange, CT. Its team of chemists and production technicians has researched, developed and produced quality ink products for various industries in the United States and worldwide.

New Jersey plumber prevents corrosive runoff from damaging household plumbing with acid-neutralizing condensate pump

Mini-Case Study | October 2021
While the homeowner looks to upgrade the water heater, George’s Drains opts for Saniflo’s 2-in-1, low profile Sanicondens Best Flat with a built-in neutralizer for handling acidic condensate before it can enter — and damage — the household drain line.


STANHOPE, NEW JERSEY — George DeJesus is a licensed plumber, a seasoned craftsman who has worked with the tools for nearly three decades. In 2018, he started his own company, George’s Drains, doing service work for residents in Morris (NJ) County and the surrounding areas.

TAP Plumbing & Heating finds 2-in-1 acid-neutralizing solution for high-efficiency, on-demand tankless water heater

Mini-Case Study | October 2021
Needing to both neutralize and pump away acidic condensate from an on-demand water heater, TAP Plumbing & Heating opts for the 2-in-1 Sanicondens Best Flat to protect the residential customer’s plumbing system from corrosive waste.


BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT — After working in the plumbing industry for over 22-years, licensed plumber Travis Abaire has been the proud owner and operator of TAP Plumbing & Heating for the past three years. Handling both residential and commercial projects, Abaire provides plumbing services to clients in Bristol and several surrounding cities, such as Waterbury, Burlington, and Plainville.