New York Homeowner Replaces Faulty Macerating Toilet, Discovers Importance of Choosing Quality Plumbing Products

Case Study | February 2024
After purchasing a newly flipped home in Upstate New York, Michael Ranieri never expected to have to replace a new but suddenly malfunctioning macerating toilet in a basement bathroom. With the expert help of another manufacturer, he chose a reliable, heavy-duty grinder to handle drainage from the bath and a nearby washing machine.


BRANTINGHAM, NEW YORK — When shopping for plumbing products, opting for cheaper and lower-quality options can come with significant risks. While saving money in the short term may be tempting, these lower-priced products often lack durability, reliability, and overall performance. From potential leaks and malfunctions to increased maintenance and repair costs, compromising on the quality of plumbing products purchased can lead to many problems in the long run.

After buying a newly flipped house with various interior renovations, including a finished basement with a bathroom, homeowner Michael Ranieri discovered an up-flush toilet with a pumping system installed to move waste upwards. At first, he thought nothing of the system, assuming it would work fine, as it was recently upgraded and barely used. Soon afterward, the toilet stopped working properly and began making a grating, buzzing noise.

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“The toilet may have been used seven to ten times — not much usage at all,” explains Ranieri.

Frustrated by the malfunctioning toilet, Ranieri decided to research the product online. He discovered numerous complaints about the Asian toilet brand and encountered difficulties finding any support or contact information for assistance. The only proof of purchase from the previous owner was an Amazon printout, where Ranieri discovered that the product’s website no longer existed. This led Ranieri to search for alternative options for macerating toilets.

When considering home renovations involving the addition of bathrooms or kitchens to areas lacking plumbing, above-floor plumbing systems like macerating toilets and drain pumps offer simplified solutions, avoiding the need for extensive structural changes.

However, not all macerating systems are equal. When purchasing above-floor plumbing, there are six important traits a buyer should look for: quality, manufacturing, in-country customer service, compliance, warranty, and insurance.

Quality should be a top consideration, as cheaper options may lead to costly repairs or damage, as is evident in Ranieri’s case. Additionally, understanding the manufacturing origins ensures higher quality control, with in-house manufacturing often signaling reliability, as seen with brands like Saniflo, which manufactures its products entirely in France. 

Opting for systems with in-country customer service facilitates quicker responses and more effective communication, essential for addressing any issues. Compliance with U.S. codes and standards is crucial for safety and reliability, with reputable companies investing in testing to ensure compliance.

Warranty coverage, such as the four-year warranty offered by Saniflo, and insurance options are also important factors to consider, ensuring protection against potential failures and property damage. By prioritizing these six factors, homeowners can select the right above-floor macerating pump system for their needs, providing lasting functionality and peace of mind during renovations.

Disappointed to be replacing a brand-new toilet, Ranieri prioritized choosing a more reliable, reputable brand that offered support.

During his investigation, Ranieri came across the Saniflo brand. Impressed by the brand’s image, positive customer feedback, and comprehensive warranty, Ranieri felt confident that replacing the faulty toilet with a Saniflo product would be a worthwhile investment.


Ranieri reached out to Saniflo’s customer service in Edison, NJ, for advice on which product would best fit his basement bathroom. Explaining his situation and mentioning a previous product had let him down, he was hoping to receive professional guidance. After a detailed discussion, Ranieri and Saniflo agreed that the Sanibest Pro grinder would be the ideal replacement for the faulty macerator.

After receiving the product, Ranieri contacted a contractor he routinely uses in Upstate New York, where his primary home is located. The two met up, and the rest went smoothly.

“We had a bit of an advantage,” says Ranieri, “because the basement was remodeled and plumbed. Consequently, there was no need for additional digging up concrete to install the unit.”

All Ranieri’s contractor had to do was remove the old unit, put in the new unit, and replace some of the fittings that weren’t the same size.

Here is how the basement bathroom system is laid out:

  • The bathroom includes a toilet, bathroom sink, and shower.
  • Connected to this bathroom is another room with a washing machine.

The installer had no issues connecting all four fixtures to the Saniflo unit using the existing plumbing. The toilet, bathroom sink, shower, and washing machine are connected to the Sanibest Pro unit.


Since the installation, Ranieri has had the opportunity to run the washer and the other three fixtures in the bathroom. So far, there have been no issues. 

“It’s been good,” says Ranieri, “and you know what? The new unit sounds different from the old one. You could tell it runs with power.”

This is just one of the many differences Ranieri has noticed between the previous and new units. Thanks to Saniflo’s expert help, Ranieri now has a functioning basement bathroom and washing room — just like it should be.

Ranieri is confident that the Sanibest Pro unit can last for years and that he can always rely on Saniflo if an issue arises. He knows there is more reliability in buying a Saniflo product than a less expensive one from a relatively unknown manufacturer.

“My advice for anyone looking to buy plumbing products for their home: Find a good and reputable brand that has a warranty,” notes Ranieri, “The warranty from Saniflo meant a lot to me, and it’s not just the number of years. It is about the fact that they would cover any problems and stand by their product.”

Ranieri, who has already recommended Saniflo products to friends and neighbors, is open to using another Saniflo product in the future. 

“I don’t know how else to say it,” says Ranieri, “It is so worth the extra money.”

As a customer, Ranieri values six key traits in a plumbing brand: quality, manufacturing, local customer service, compliance, warranty, and insurance. Evaluating these ensures choosing a dependable plumbing solution to replace faulty Asian products, guaranteeing satisfaction.


SFA SANIFLO NORTH AMERICA – whose France-based parent company, SFA Group, originated macerating plumbing technology — offers a complete line of waste and drainage pumping systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. SFA Saniflo developed its innovative, “above-floor plumbing” technology 65 years ago and has led its commercialization worldwide. Today, the company markets macerating technology through 29 subsidiaries doing business in more than 70 countries and has sold more than eight million units worldwide since 1958. SFA Saniflo markets through independent sales agents throughout North America, and the product line is currently available at distributor and dealer locations throughout the continent.

For more information, contact SFA Saniflo USA at 1-800-571-8191, or visit the website at To contact SFA Saniflo Canada, dial 1-800-363-5874, or visit

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The original pumping system was installed in Michael Ranieri’s newly flipped home. Although newly installed, the toilet in one of the bathrooms stopped working properly and began making a grating, buzzing noise.

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Ranieri replaced the faulty macerator with the Sanibest Pro grinder, a heavy-duty grinder engineered to quickly dispose of larger objects that could clog a conventional toilet, especially in a heavy used public setting.

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Ranieri replaced the faulty macerator with the Sanibest Pro grinder, a heavy-duty grinder engineered to quickly dispose of larger objects that could clog a conventional toilet, especially in a heavy used public setting.

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