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Farmer’s Plumbing Solves Demanding Plumbing Requirements at Daycare Facility with Commercial Above-Floor Lift Pump Station

Case Study | May 2024
When Nathan Farmer of Farmer’s Plumbing was hired as the second plumber for a daycare plumbing project, he chose a heavy-duty duplex Vortex system to handle daily demanding usage and evacuate wastewater from two full bathrooms and a kitchen sink.


MARLOW, OKLAHOMA — In a company of only four employees, Nathan Farmer of Farmer’s Plumbing has gained abundant experience and expertise working on various commercial and residential plumbing projects in his Oklahoma trading area.

Brooklyn showroom manager chooses heavy-duty lift station to handle his summer home’s basement-bathroom additions

Case Study | April 2023
When director of operations Andy Cooke of Plumber’s Haven decided to add a pair of bathrooms to his summer home’s basement, he chose a plumbing system from Saniflo to pump wastewater to the main drainage line located four feet above.


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — Plumbing suppliers and showrooms sell several top-of-the-line products to ensure customer confidence. When a showroom associate personally chooses to install a certain product in their homes, it is a clear indication that the product is particularly advantageous.