Maine-ly Remodels enhances the aesthetics and efficiency of client remodeling projects with Saniflo macerating systems

Case Study | August 2023
Recently, owner Paul Murray used a Saniaccess 3 to successfully finish a complete basement bath remodel that had to accommodate the needs of three residents.


YARMOUTH, ME — Paul Murray, the owner of Maine-ly Remodels, is a veteran professional in the remodeling industry with over ten years of experience. With his domain knowledge, he is well-versed in transforming any space into a beautifully revamped area that meets his client’s needs.

Recently, a client approached him with a request for a complete remodel of their basement. The client wanted to create three newly constructed bedrooms and a full bathroom, but needed a cost-effective plumbing solution that would avoid the hassles and expense of installing conventional, below-floor plumbing in the basement.

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Fortunately, Murray was familiar with Saniflo, an above-floor plumbing system known for its easy installation, compact profile and operational efficiency. He originally came across the brand while researching plumbing options for his own home.

Previously, he had a Liberty Pumps system installed when he bought the house, but when he decided to remodel his bathroom and move it to another end of his home, he found the old system’s bulky tank underneath it unappealing.

“The Saniflo pump I was considering perfectly met my requirements and aligned with the specifications I was looking for,” says Murray.

For both his own bathroom and for this client project, he selected the Saniaccess 3 pump because the system is able to handle the waste water of a full bathroom (i.e., three fixtures — toilet, sink, and tub/shower). Considering that three people would be residing in the basement, the pump needed to handle a significant amount of usage.


The installation process for the Saniaccess 3 pump took about an afternoon. Murray found that the compact design of the system was advantageous, especially in comparison with traditional, bulky plumbing drainage and storage systems. He says it is also quieter than other pumping systems.

The Saniaccess 3 is a half-horsepower pump system that can discharge black water from the toilet and two other sanitary fixtures, such as a sink, a bathtub, a shower, or even a urinal. The unit can be positioned up to 15 feet below the sewer line and up to 150 feet from a soil stack that connects to the municipal sewer or home septic system.

The Saniaccess 3 unit, containing the stainless steel macerator blades and pump, is typically positioned behind the toilet it connects to, while drain lines from the sink and shower, respectively, connect to a 2-inch inlet located on either side of the unit.

When the toilet is flushed (or the sink or shower drains), the water flowing into the Saniaccess 3 activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which starts the motor. A common spindle/shaft drives both the macerator blades and the pump impeller, minimizing the number of moving parts.

Water and organic waste matter entering the chamber are reduced to slurry by the macerator blades rotating at 3,600 RPM. The centrifugal force causes the reduced solids to be ejected through a grill into the container where they are picked up by the impeller pump mounted beneath the motor and then discharged to the sewage or septic line through a small-diameter, rigid pipe.

In his client’s recent installation, Murray decided to conceal the Saniaccess 3 macerator pump behind the wall for aesthetic reasons. Nonetheless, the pump remains easily accessible on the opposite side of the wall to accommodate servicing. An 18-inch long extension pipe roughed through the wall connects the macerator to the toilet on the other side.

Murray also chose to connect the vanity and shower to the macerator through a single pipe line. A pipe run of approximately 3.5 feet connects the vanity’s gray-water drainage to the shower. The shower drain pipeline runs around eight feet to reach the nearest side inlet of the Saniaccess 3.

Finally, black and gray wastewater is discharged from the Saniaccess 3 through a 1-inch PVC pipe for three feet before connecting to the main sewer stack. To prevent backflow from this discharge, a non-return valve is factory-installed, while the discharge elbow rotates 360° so that the unit can accommodate a wide variety of piping configurations, further easing and speeding installation.

To satisfy plumbing code requirements for vent-system connections, the lid of the Saniaccess 3 system has an integral vent connection that Murray used in running a 1-1/2 inch line of PVC pipe approximately 8 feet to an existing vent.


The complete remodeling project, including the installation of the Saniaccess 3 pump, took about three months, because Murray was working on the project alone. Nonetheless, the Saniaccess 3 portion of the project required only an afternoon and involved no complications. Since the project’s completion, the Saniaccess 3 has proven to be highly reliable and has been performing its job effectively.

Murray’s positive experience with Saniflo has led him to use their products in five different projects over the past two years. The longevity, quiet operation, and overall performance of these systems have made it a preferred choice for him and his clients.

“The Saniaccess 3 is a fantastic product that offers great value,” he comments. “I try to install the Saniaccess 3 for my clients most of the time, even if it’s just for a half bath [requiring connections to only two fixtures] to provide them with future options.”

By opting for Saniflo, Murray not only provided his client with a cost-effective plumbing solution for their basement remodel, but also ensured that the system could handle the usage demands of multiple occupants. Saniflo’s innovative technology also eliminated the need for major construction work, saving both time and money during the remodeling process.

Overall, Murray’s experience with Saniflo has been positive, and he continues to recommend their solutions to his clients in the remodeling industry.


SFA SANIFLO NORTH AMERICA – whose France-based parent company, SFA Group, originated macerating plumbing technology — offers a complete line of waste and drainage pumping systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. SFA Saniflo developed its innovative, “above-floor plumbing” technology 65 years ago and has led its commercialization worldwide. Today, the company markets macerating technology through 27 subsidiaries doing business in more than 70 countries and has sold more than eight million units worldwide since 1958. SFA Saniflo markets through independent sales agents throughout North America, and the product line is currently available at distributor and dealer locations throughout the continent.

For more information, contact SFA Saniflo USA at 1-800-571-8191, or visit the website at To contact SFA Saniflo Canada, dial 1-800-363-5874, or visit

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Image Gallery

The Saniaccess 3 macerator pump is concealed behind the wall for aesthetics, yet remains easily accessible for servicing on the opposite side via an 18-inch extension pipe.

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The vanity and shower are connected to the macerator through a single pipe line. The gray-water drainage from the vanity is connected to the shower through a 3.5-foot pipe run. In addition, the shower drain pipeline extends approximately eight feet to reach the nearest side inlet of the Saniaccess 3.

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The Saniaccess 3 discharges black and gray wastewater through a 1-inch PVC pipe for a distance of three feet before connecting to the main sewer stack.

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