SFA Saniflo North America partners with humanitarian group Plumbers Without Borders as a Mission Supporter Sponsor

Saniflo will support the international philanthropic work of Plumbers Without Borders with donations of its above-floor plumbing solutions, as well as technical installation guidance.

EDISON, NJ (MARCH 8, 2022) — Saniflo North America, a division of Group SFA, the world leader in above-the-floor macerating and grinding toilets and drain pumps, has announced a partnership with Plumbers Without Borders (PWB) as a Mission Supporter Sponsor. The ultimate goal is to support the group’s mission to connect volunteer plumbers and industry resources with organizations working to increase access to safe water and sanitation worldwide.

“We have been gratified and encouraged by our industry’s generosity, and we’re excited and proud to be aligned with SFA Saniflo,” says Domenico DiGregorio, President of PWB.

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DiGregorio adds that Plumbers Without Borders is currently coordinating with partner organizations involved in installing rainwater harvesting systems, water filtration and above ground water tank storage, in addition to building pit latrines and other hygiene improving systems in several villages in Africa. “I was heartened to see SFA Saniflo’s story of a donation equivalent to three Planet Water filtration systems in Cambodia.”

As a Mission Supporter Sponsor, Saniflo North America will support the philanthropic work of PWB with product donations and technical support on a case-by-case basis. Based on past projects, the organization predicts one or two projects that could benefit from Saniflo’s innovative, above-floor plumbing solutions.

“We look forward to partnering with Plumbers Without Borders on NGO projects that could potentially benefit from Saniflo’s above-floor macerators, grinders and drain pumps,” says Regis Saragosti, CEO of SFA Saniflo North America. “Plumbers Without Borders has done so much to advance community empowerment and improve sanitation around the world, and we are proud to be a part of that mission.”


SFA SANIFLO U.S.A. – whose parent company originated macerating plumbing technology — offers a complete line of waste and drainage pumping systems for residential and commercial applications. Saniflo developed its innovative, “above-floor plumbing” technology more than a half-century ago and has led its commercialization worldwide. Today, the company markets macerating technology through 22 subsidiaries in 50 countries and has sold more than eight million units worldwide since 1958. Saniflo markets through independent sales agents throughout North America, and the product line is currently available at distributor and dealer locations throughout the continent.

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PLUMBERS WITHOUT BORDERS is a grassroots effort, born from the desire to help people in dire need, where human suffering and disease is caused in part by a lack of safe plumbing and hygienic sanitation. Our vision includes building a global database/directory of volunteer Plumbing and Mechanical tradespeople, related professionals, sources for materials, education, and technology. This databank will function and serve as a tool/resource for other humanitarian organizations that are working towards this common goal in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector. Volunteers registered in this databank will be connected with the non-profit organizations that are seeking their assistance. Plumbers Without Borders will serve as the information hub and resource registry for both volunteers and humanitarian organizations. www.plumberswithoutborders.org

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Saniflo is a proud sponsor of
Plumbers Without Borders

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Saniflo is a proud sponsor of
Plumbers Without Borders

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